16-Color Motion Activated Bathroom Toilet Bowl Light
16-Color Motion Activated Bathroom Toilet Bowl Light
16-Color Motion Activated Bathroom Toilet Bowl Light
16-Color Motion Activated Bathroom Toilet Bowl Light
16-Color Motion Activated Bathroom Toilet Bowl Light

16-Color Motion Activated Bathroom Toilet Bowl Light

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Our customers says:

Calming, creepy, soothing, eerie, beautiful, functional, needed. It’s strangely satisfying to enter into the bathroom in the dead of night and see the brilliant blue light glowing from between the lid and the seat. And to lift the lid and be greeted by a welcoming portal of soft brilliant light to guide you to intended target.  By Rob

My girlfriend and I were having fights. They never seemed to end. We didn't know how they started. Therapy didn't work. Whip cream didn't work. Expensive trips to France even. Once we installed this device I discovered that most of our fights spawned in the bathroom. Once this device colorfully lit up our toilet bowl, it quickly lit up our life and gave it more color - Literally and figuratively! I'm more likely to put up and down the seat and we never stub our toes in the dark. It's a joy to urinate and defecate. It's a joy to be around my girlfriend - maybe even soon to be....fiance!

Relationship = saved. Thanks, 16-color toilet night light! - By Casey

I bought this for my kids' bathroom so they can see the toilet better at night. Though the toilet bowl effect was cool, I decided to hang it on the towel rack next to the toilet instead because with the toilet seat up and the section of the bowl it needed to be hung, it would have gotten pee'd on real fast and probably wouldn't have been able to survive. The amount of light at night is perfect and the device itself, works great! I think it'd also be ideal to travel with, hotel bathroom lights are too bright in the middle of the night and like it does at home, this would provide the perfect amount of light when you get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night. Not sure how the battery life will be but so far, so good. - By JillHdz


Motion Activated Toilet Bowl Light: 

The built in sensor activates the night light by detecting body heat. The light illuminates the bathroom when you enter and shuts down when you leave. To maximize battery life, the motion sensor turns down the LED toilet light when it detects light. With the Lumilux toilet light, you can make a smart toilet out of your average commode.

16 Color LED Toilet Night Light: 

With an impressive range of colors, our 16 color toilet light will guide you as you seek out your porcelain friend in the dark. You can choose a fixed color to fit your mood or carousel mode for a light up toilet seat show. Kids and adults alike will love the glowing water of their lighted potty.

Flexible Arm(Fits All Toliet): 

The adjustable arm can be bent to fit around any toilet bowl rim and provides a more secure fit when compared to toilet lights with suction cups. Additionally, the bendable arm makes it possible to place the motion activated toilet light in other spots as well; hang it from the toilet paper holder.

5 Stage Dimmer: 

When it comes to bathroom gadgets, there is nothing quite like our bathroom night light for your toilet. With 5 different brightness levels, you can make your toilet bowl glow as dark or as bright as you want

How to install: 


Material: Plastic

Batteries: 3 AA batteries required.

Package Includes:

16-Color Motion Activated Bathroom Toilet LED Light x 1